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Breathing Life Into Your Business

A complimentary key feature for all Drivetru listed businesses, is our audiovisual digital advertising channel known as the Signboard, which publishes banners, audio and audiovisual contents on the Mercardo platform to the millions of users.

The Signboard specializes in digital targeted marketing and promotions, as the technology generates analytics, which ultimately guides and inspires the system’s algorithms.

The Signboard digitally advertises by effectively promoting all Drivetru listed businesses (products and services) for free, with the view to exposing the listed brands to as many users as possible, which consequently boost businesses sales revenue.



Mercardo undertakes free mass media marketing and advertising for businesses registered and listed on our Drivetru e-commerce super platform, by resorting to the mass print and electronic media, such as television channels, radio broadcasting, newspapers, magazines, journals, billboards and other forms of mass communications to broadcast, by featuring brands, products and services to a mass consumer-body; large section of the general public who are ultimately potential consumers. An initiative outside the Mercardo digital advertising efforts in brands promotions, marketing and communications.

This strategic free marketing essential service we provide for the Drivetru listed businesses, requires creating sheer volumes of varying impressions to meet different perspectives as marketing segmentation is avoided. Mercardo goes a step way further by hiring brand ambassadors and influencers, who actively and purposively breathe life into brands and businesses listed on the Mercardo Drivetru platform.

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