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Who We Are

About Our Operations

Mercardo.Com is a tech company involved in transportation, data management and collation, digital advertising and e-commerce technological services provision.

We offer the best online products and services dealership marketplace (Drivetru), a strong product or brand promotional communications digital audiovisual advertising channel

(Signboard), a digital payment provision service (ePocket), a lottery operators identification and data tabulation platform (Lotto iRetail) and a spectacular door-to-door taxi service (MercardoTaxi).

We aim to meet your online products and services sale and purchase needs, as well as to efficiently exceed your transportation service expectations.

We aim to meet your online products and services sale and purchase needs, and to efficiently exceed your digital service delivery expectations.

Our cab Sales Department offers vehicles sale on credit deals from our associated vehicle sales garages to prospective clients on a six (6) months to two years (2) basis. Interested parties are required to contact any of our authorized Agents nationwide to place their vehicle request and to mutually agree on terms of the sale and purchase to proceed.

An extension to our Sales Department is an after sales service maintenance arm, which aside offering superb after sales service to prospective buyers, also ensures the provision of excellently maintained taxis that are truly road and service worthy.

If it’s a fleet service you require, we only require you to make a reservation at least 5hours well before time in order for us to make advance plans to meet your specific need, clients who require immediate cabs on the go can just order by clicking on “need a cab” on our Mobile App or where the internet is defective, call any of our toll free numbers and they would immediately be matched with a cab instantly and seamlessly, all in our quest to serve you better.

We deem it our duty to shed off your tiring feel as we offer you the best of services at all times in your interactions with us. Our Taxi Management Service Department exercises daily oversight on taxi cabs assigned to our Company by third-party taxi cab owners. We take responsibility for the day-to-day defective repairs and ongoing maintenance at our own cost, security, and overall upkeep of third parties cabs assigned to our Company in most cases. We generally preserve the value of these cabs and more importantly, generate income via weekly or monthly sales payable to cab owners as agreed under signed contractual Agreements.

We’re your first choice name for professional Taxi services nationwide in Ghana. A truly nationwide taxi fleet company, which provides professional, courteous, safe, friendly and reliable taxi services to our most cherished patrons. We provide excellent digital taxi shuttle services and do take delight in taking you anywhere you wish to go. To us your desired destination is neither too close nor too far, we’re happy to serve you.

Punctuality and cheaper fares are our hallmark, as we provide a 24 hour on-web, Android and iOS mobile App based taxi service which guarantees clients, accessible reliable transportation to their desired destinations no matter the time of the day or night. This is why we confidently say, we’re “ready when you need it”.

Our Advantages

Guiding Principle And Values

To produce competent and values-oriented workforce, that provides excellent customer service through accessible, comfortable, safe and affordable, profit-oriented advertising, e-commerce and transport service, without compromising on quality and consequently, contributing to the development of the communities and the national economies.


We are a law abiding legal citizen in jurisdictions where we reside and work.


We uphold sincerity, honesty, probity, transparency, accountability and respect in it’s highest standards.


We establish, develop and nurture relationships that add immense values to the lives of our staff, clients, business affiliates and associates, partners and shareholders.


Our fleet includes the latest models of Toyota Vitz vehicles.


We provide exceptional quality products and services to clients that meet our high qualitycontrols standards.


We abide by truthfulness and the highest form of regard at all times amongst staff members and all stakeholders.

Our Mission

Employing technology to revolutionize cab transportation and e-commerce in Ghana and Africa by offering readily available, affordable, safe and the most effective products, transportation and other services to people and places in Africa.

Our Vision

To become the wheels that drives people, goods, services and general commerce in Ghana, Africa and beyond.

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