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Lotto iRetail

A Lottery Retail and reporting interface that admits registered lottery Operating Companies, retailing vendors known as Lottery Agents and Writers who collectively operates lotteries in Ghana to sign on at a fee.

The technology permits the licensed lottery Operators to set up digital Lottery vending retail shops on the platform in order to be able to list their specific Lottery products (games) for sale to users or gamers.

The technology also serves as a “check”, for gamers/users or clients interested in staking lottery products to be able to check if a vendor is licensed, by a simple search by shop name or unique alphanumeric number or by scanning a QR Code visibly pasted on the physical shops. When a search is conducted, the system displays detailed vendor (either an Agent or Writer’s) profile information, which includes; full name/shop name, contact details (telephone and location, unique ID no. and so on.

Lotto iRetail – Mercardo Cars
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