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Mercardo adequately contracts with third parties to manage and operate their cabs, aside our Company’s fleet on the market. Under our Taxi Operations and Management service, we urge parties interested in transportation business but do not wish to bear the rigorous, stressful and tedious tendencies associated with operating and managing a taxi transportation business, probably due to time constraints or expertise, to happily entrust Mercardo with this responsibility by signing on a car to us, which shall be operationalized and carefully managed subject to the terms of our Taxi Operations and Management Service.

We professionally operationalizes and manage cabs entrusted to us, by footing all operational costs, offers the cab Owners a FREE monthly maintenance package, instituting security tendencies that guarantees the safety of the cabs and drivers, in order to achieve a sustainable business with integrity. More importantly, we commercialize the cabs signed on to Mercardo Taxi service and consistently pays monthly taxi transportation service sales revenue, realized from the operations to cab Owners so long as the Owner’s cab is roadworthy.

Taxi Fractional Ownership

Individuals interested in starting taxi transportation business as a ‘Mercardo Taxi’ but cannot afford the full price of a preferred vehicle, can conveniently take advantage of our vehicles fractional ownership policy, by contributing fifty percent (50%)  of the preferred vehicle price, to be merged with our Company or an external party to acquire the vehicle for commercial use.

Accordingly, parties would earn fifty percent (50%) share of the taxi monthly sales income revenue based on their ownership share of the cab.

All Mercardo Taxi vehicles fractional Ownership applications are processed within ten working days from the date of application submission.

Why You Must  Sign A Car On To Mercardo Taxi

  • Get consistent Ghc2,500 or Ghc1,250 monthly taxi sales proceeds as income. Monthly earnings depend on whether the cab is fully or jointly owned.
  • Enjoy a FREE monthly vehicle maintenance package and general operational costs.
  • Mercardo employs, pays and regulates cab drivers.
  • Great working conditions of service for Taxi Drivers, as all drivers are permanent staff.
  • Signing on a cab would be a means to create an employment opportunity for at least one person in Ghana.
  • Create a sure constant passive income source to improve your personal monthly earnings.

Other Services

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